A Holographic Adventure!

Cool holograms that won’t damage the eyes

Cool holograms that won’t damage the eyes

SGS tests show that looking at these holograms reduces 88% of harmful blue light exposed to the eyes by indirectly looking at tablets!

Games Fun Fest

Games Fun Fest

Interactive Learning - quality time spent together with friends and family has an educational and meaningful purpose.


Game Features

  • Dynamic 3D Characters That Talk!

    3D Modelling and Motion Capture techniques were used to create game characters to display detailed expressions and movement. In addition, we have added real-life recordings to make story-telling come to life!

  • Beautifully Designed Game Pieces and Cards

    Quality materials have been selected and meticulously designed to make this board game your money’s worth.

  • Let’s Learn and Play!

    It's not just about playing, but educational values have been incorporated.

  • Video Tutorials

    No more instructions booklet! There’s a step-by-step video that shows you how to set up and how to play. There will be visual and audio cues to show you what should happen next. Now you don’t need to spend too much time finding out and learning how to play.

  • The Games will not Get Old

    New games are continously being developed and APPs will be updated, therefore, children will always be learning and playing with new content.